Yes, this is old. Though I think only Dan would really know that...

Finally, someone found a way to somewhat explain my opinions of "indie" films and general distaste thereof.


My own case-in-point? The more recent filmography of one Michael Cera...



Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist

Paper Heart

Year One*

Youth in Revolt

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

*the one recent film of Michael's that can be categorized more as "mainstream". Ie: saving grace? or maybe just a random point in the pattern...


abpheonix said...
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abpheonix said...

on the other hand. 500 days of summer, and the 20million dollar eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. or even the 30 million dollar district 9 by peter jackson's own independent company wingnut films?

I'm sorry, I think there are good films and bad films plain and simple. But yeah people are tools and like things just because their told to and just other things they really shouldn't be liking.

But most indie/independant films like paper hearts or even any michael cera movie DID get SHITTY reviews, why? shitty movies.

jonathan//garret said...

i agree abram - there are definitely many many indie movies that i love. i think i was more just trying to find a way to vent my Michael Cera distaste.

dude should not be in film.

dan said...

michael cera... ughh..


although, that Youth In Revolt looks pretty funny. He appears to at least play half of a new character

Anonymous said...

One day you two will bump into each other in Toronto...and there will be headlines.