Just something that I enjoy about some of my classes, above and beyond everything, since I really have nothing to complain about them yet. My one professor*

*side thought: do you call college teachers professors? I don't think it really qualifies in this case, since they're more guys from the industry who now teach rather than people who studied the subject in order to pass it on.

EDIT: My one instructor, a man of Ukranian heritage named Vass (really Wasyl, but he lets us call him Vass) says some of the darndest things. I don't know if it's his accent or the small struggles with the English language that many non-native Canadians have, or whether it's just some of that crazy art instructor in him. But I hang on his every word. Today for example.

"We don't shrink things. You only shrink hemroids. We 'reduce'."

I had a whole bunch more from Monday's class that I've written down in book. They may pop up from time to time.


And in continuation of last post, I now have three assignments to do. So I've made the healthy transition from boredom to procrasination. Not fully satisfied with the results yet...


rachel said...

vass is the one who talked at the orientation right?

rachel said...

wait no.. because he wasn't ukrainian. i'm so confused. i think i met him once when jason had him, but then i seem to remember the orientation guy saying he was vass, but it was a different guy than i remmebered. bah. stupid people. i think i was right with the first guy.

jonathan//garret said...

yes. yes you were.

dried said...

You're still a recent English major defect, so I'm not going to let you get away with that horrible apostrophe misuse.

jonathan//garret said...

the horrors! crisis averted.