Mystery: Unsolved?

This randomly came back to me yesterday. In my boring computer class of all places.

I was on Facebook, and the home page told me that Justin Horlings had been tagged in a photo album. I went to Justin's profile and suddenly it all came back to me...


When I was very young - pre-Kindergarten - I can remember having a friend. The concrete details about what he looked like are sketchy at best, but for some reason I recall him having freckles on his cheeks and hair colour somewhere between red, orange, and brown - sort of a deep maroon for explanation purposes. Although I wasn't very big at all as a kid, I think he was a little smaller then me. I have memories of being in Sunday School with him in the old Springdale church. The small turquoise-coloured room branching off of the large nursery/play room, the little wooden benches without backs at the little wooden table with dark brown pipe legs, it's all so clear in my mind.

I can also remember my friend coming over to my house to play in my backyard. We were standing on the old back porch my house used to have, the back yard was surrounded by the old green metal cage fence that's now holding in the pigs and the ducks. My friend went over to my swingset to climb on the monkey bars...


That's all I can remember of this friend of mine. I have no recollection of what happened to him beyond those two memories - but for whatever reason I know they were real. I'm not crazy. (*awkward laugh followed by long silence*)


What does this have to do with Justin Horlings? Well, when I started going to Kindergarten and Grade One at HMDCS, the Horlings were in my bus route. For whatever reason, from the moment I first saw him waving his eldest son goodbye from on top of his forklift tractor loaded with onion crates, I came to the conclusion that Mr. Horlings (Justin Horlings' father. duh.) was my old friend. Somehow he had just grown up incredibly fast. I can somewhat remember being introduced to him once by my parents at church, and he was very friendly to me; I understood it as a sign that he remembered our friendship.

I never thought of any other explanation throughout my early years of grade school, and eventually just forgot about the whole thing. Until now.