My Skull Bit

I think I've uncovered another piece to the puzzle that is the way I tick from underneath the dusty old couch that is my life.

My memory seems to be fixated on remembering every detail of every interaction i make in my life with other people, but it is especially clear whenever something bad happens to me. So while most people would forget a casual joke made in bad humour during a breif passing, or the fact that I was actually the one who gave them the joke that made them so freakin' popular... (am I angry? no...), I remember it for a very VERY long time.

Ugh, my mind is a trainwreck. A trainwreck purposely caused to destroy me.

Just keep thinking happy thoughts. Happy thoughts.

Good thing: this doesn't happen when I'm with you. That's why all I can remember are the good moments. <3


abpheonix said...

yup. i agree.
and that's what I have to say about that.

rachel said...

its a good thing you don't, or you'd have quite the collection of "casual jokes made in bad humour" from me.

dan said...

yeah, hell, i can remember (and regret) saying stupid things as far back as grade school.

i like to picture my life as a rusted out 50 year old car on blocks with the engine nowhere to be found.

you know.... if we brought ourselves together, we could decorate the hell out of some rednecks lawn

Anonymous said...

Seems like a reasonable thing to be angry about. But in light of your impressive memory abilities, I think you're more of an elephant table than a dusty couch.