I Only Went For Costumes...

i just got "The Dark Knight Returns" from Value Village for five dollars.
(it usually costs probably somewhere around twenty dollars. minimum.)

this brings my total number of graphic novels to three, and they are all published by... DC???
(i have a couple condensed X-Men comic books, but those don't count as graphic novels.)

does this make me an addicted nerd? or an obsessed geek? or just a thrifty fan of comic books?

(i also got three Spiderman comic books for about five dollars. the first story line to introduce Carnage. i intend to sell them when i'm old for at least twice what i got them for...)


rachel said...

obsessed geek.

dan said...

addicted nerd

why dont you *heh* try out *snicker* The Spirit? baahahaha

dan said...

i still dont think it could be all THAT bad. does marvel even make graphic novels?

jonathan//garret said...

i dont think so, they just sort of put a bunch of comics together within the confines of one cover.

lazy basterds

abpheonix said...

read zombies vs. robots. or is it robots vs. zombies?... just DO IT