man, now everybody's blogging, and here i am with absolutely nothing to say!

already moved home, though all my stuff is still in boxes. going to paint my new cubicle room before i attempt to cram all my junk into it. on that note - got to get rid of some of my junk!

one exam monday - spanish. im terrified right now that i'm not going to study at all for it, just like my midterm. and i did not do good at all on my midterm.

no es bueno!


abpheonix said...

i understand. i suck as french. and may possibly fail. pray for you if you'll pray for me.

Anonymous said...

What colour were you thinking? Mayhaps we could tie dye it?

dan said...

too much junk eh, two words

bon fire

rachel said...

doing bad on your midterm could have had something to do with your night BEFORE the midterm. just a thought.