So, whenever I talk to anyone about what kind of music they listen to, there's one thing that's always the same.

"I hate country"

And it sort of clicked with me yesterday that I dont really understand why. If you look at all the other genres out there, why is country the one that's so unanimously hated? It's mostly just guitar and simple melodies - just like a whole of other genres (pop, pop rock, punk rock, pop punk, etc...)

You think less people would hate it and hate things like, oh I dont know, death metal.


Madeleine said...

haha! that is true about death metal
i understand death metal, but i can only listen to it for short periods of time.
and i've been wondering the same thing.. i quite like some country. some of it is a bit twangy, but there are a few gems.
it must be a society thing - it isn't cool to like country because hicks make the music and they are alll stupid and smell bad.

dried said...


rachel said...

i dont think i dislike it because of society... quite a few of my high school friends loved it, and i still held strong to my hate. but yes, there are a few songs that are acceptable.

but to be fair, i also hate death metal.

dan said...

i think people just assume that most of us hate death metal

abpheonix said...

its pretty much a law of nature.

dried said...

modern country is the exploitation of an alternative culture -- city folk stupid enough to think they're "country" enough to give beer to their non-existent horses, or that everybody's "gone country". it's simple, produced, marketed music with a cowboy hat.

though some death metal fits some of those descriptors (simple, marketed, whatever), it's easy to find good, expressive, complex death metal.

(if anything, 5:25 - end)


rachel said...

i still hate it.

ok, no. i dont hate the instruments.
i just hate the VOICES of death metal.

Jessica said...

I hate the instruments.

I think country music is mostly associated with beer swilling, gay/other race-hating tacky-dressing Republican Alabamans with extensive cowboy hat collections, lewd accents and nagging voices (that bleed into the music).

People often forget that Johnny Cash was a country singer.

I honestly think death metal is for 8th graders who are too young to get trashed/stoned and mix post-pubescent confusion with random unfounded rage against society/love/the opposite sex/parents/the government/etc.

This translates into aggressive guitars and screaming.

No offense, Dave.

Also, that Youtube link: notice how none of the lyrics are grounded in REALITY. It's like some terribly vague hallucination that could be interpreted a thousand different ways by any simple teenager looking for some so-called deeper meaning to life.

That's my rant.

Jessica said...

Oh. And I personally don't mind country music... not a fan of the twang, but I'm not opposed to bopping out to some Carrie Underwood. Shit's catchy.

Jessica said...

I love how I just drove a stake through the heart of death metal and came right back with "boppin' out to Carrie Underwood".
Whatever. Think what you will.

jonathan//garret said...

well, now that we've all let some of that rage out, let me just add that I only listed death metal as an example of a lesser known genre that you would suppose the general public to mostly "hate". i didn't mean that i hated it, though clearly some of you guys really do...

dried said...

easy, jess. you're calling all death metal emo in everything but the name. it's not a pity party, it's music. music is designed to be expressive.