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Ready. Set. GO!

I need a new name. I also need more motivation. Motivation starts with an "m". "M" is one of the more potent letters in Scrabble. They have Scrabble on Facebook now; it's called Scrabulous. It's just another thing keeping me too terribly tied to Facebook. That was a decent show of alliteration. I have my final exam in two days; it's English. I think I will do better than I did at my Spanish exam. Two languages are better then one. One day I will finally be free of all of this madness. Who knows when that day will come? I don't nearly know enough. Or, if I do, I am very bad at recalling the information. Recall versus Recognition = Fill In The Blanks versus Multiple Choice. I've only had two real multiple choice exams. I've only had two real hours of wakefulness today, all because I don't have another exam until Thursday. Then I go home.

I don't know what I want for Christmas. I know I want C.D.'s, but they are quickly losing their appeal other than to say that I have them. I have over 100 C.D.'s now; I would count them, but that would stop this train of thought. I wish I knew how to use the GO train. I like trains more than buses, they are more interesting. Here's an interesting fact, I have never been to a real funeral yet. Like, one where the person who died was directly connected to me. Connections are funny things. Family trees are cool. Why can't I find mine on the internet? I thought that everything could be found on the internet. But it looks like I'll have to resort to books again. Another interesting fact: I fully read my first book in almost a year just a couple weeks ago.

The Picture of Dorian Gray. Slaughterhouse Five. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. That's the entire series, plus an additional story about Zaphod Beeblebrox at the end. I don't really remember the additional story; I was reading it on the bus-ride to our Grade Eleven band trip. Wherever that was. Quebec? I've only been to three of the provinces in this country. Ontario, Quebec, and Nova Scotia. Nova Scotian beaches have tons of crab skelletons all over them. Peggy's Cove is where I found the most, but my cousin found one that was even nicer. I'm sorry Brendon for breaking it. I still feel bad about it when I think about it. Even though it was many years ago. I was in Grade Three. That was before I even had glasses. Though I probably needed them very badly by that point in life. I missed the last couple days of Grade Three because of Feddema camping. My friends sent me a package full of all my art work from the year and other things that I hadn't had the time to take home with me. Mitch gave me his alligator picture as well. I don't know if that was by mistake or not. We don't go Feddema camping anymore. Right now I wouldn't want to anyways. That family needs some serious therapy.

I miss my old friends. Change is a strange beast. Beast from Beauty and the Beast was just so darn awesome; I liked him so much more when he wasn't human. Kingdom Hearts II had an awesome Beast world, except for the final boss. Pain in the ass. I want to get the extended cut version, but I don't think I could succeed at the card playing. Succeed: I always want to spell it wrong. I've gotten to a point now where I almost think I can see the little red squiggles under words that I spell wrong on paper. Is that a good thing? I can use the semi-colon now Mr. Vriend. But I have no way to check whether I'm right or not. No right click option.

I am not a computer. I am a human being. I think...


The Nylons - Happy Together


Madeleine said...

I love you, Jonathan

jonathan//garret said...


The Other Guy said...

most people need to put serious effort into being that ADD, and then suffer serious trauma after.

also: memo much?

jonathan//garret said...

i never memo-ed. i wish i had; i think i would have been good at it.