Can't Hold On Much Longer!

Lynden - Falling Down

Stupid fingers. When did you get so fat?
"In the last ten days"
How did you manage to do that?
"You ate very very poorly"

Only three more exams. Psychology, Spanish, English. Unfortunately they are spanned over an entire week still. So my fingers are going to get even fatter. More fat? But at least they're easy, right? Wrong. This means no studying, only poor eating. Ugh, I loathe exams. More than anything you could ever imagine. Well, actually, that's probably not true...

PS: You win. I've got one.

James Blunt - So Long Jimmy


Madeleine said...

i can't believe i left last night without the whole dramatic hug thing... sniff
its fatter.

jonathan//garret said...

I KNOW! You just sort of disappeared on me, and then I had to go too. At this rate, I'm never going to get out of debt to you...

Madeleine said...

i have power over you, jon, POWER!