Spare Me

my ipod is charging. still. i guess that's what happens when i listen to it for an entire week without charging. impressive it was still live at all. then again i am hardly ever on the bus anymore, so i don't actually listen to it all that much. i miss busrides. i need better headphones. not earbuds though, they make you deaf. but better then my current wrap-arounds. they eat into my ears after about thirty minutes. luckily my bus ride is shorter.

the trampoline is calling. i'll be there soon, be patient you. the script is calling, and so is the painting. i'll be there ... eventually. lot of fresh red lines all over it, peters likes to cut me apparently. the front page fades, left it out in the sun too long. not sure how i became such a procrastinator. i never was before around grade eleven, and even then it wasn't too bad, like it is now. at least i have my trampoline. and it has far more use then just getting me into the air. the blue swordsman isn't as happy as he was before. the orange one is almost invisible.

thirteen kittens. my lucky number. no pure orange ones though. i'll have to be patient i guess. not sure how much more i can be though.

i want to paint some more t-shirts. i have a few ideas floating around in my brain, and they deserve to be put on fabric. it's just a matter of finding time. which i strangely have some of today. otherwise i doubt i would be writing this entry. i also want to finish too many things. but there isn't enough time in the day for that.

it's time to compromise. interesting word. com. promise.

"systems malfunction. blasted this damn machine. over and out, captain."


kathleen said...

i love ipods and trampolines and kittens. the first two could be my first two favourite things right now. kittens wouldn't be my third favourite thing but they're pretty high on that list.

and you took away the secret red words?

jonathan//garret said...

ipods are great, not sure i love them though. but man are they useful. trampolines are spectacular, i probably love them a lot more then ipods. and kittens are just about flawless in every way.

hey, you aren't supposed to know about those. they are secret...

Jonathan said...

i love ipods. i can take it anywhere.
trampolines are yet to be made pocket size. but you can always hope. but then again i'm sure the novelty would wear off a bit if you could trampoline anywhere anytime.

i'm sure it'd be the same with ipods if weren't for the fact that you can always put new music on . .

and i whole heartedly agree about the kitten thing. I was so very tempted to take one(place in my pocket without telling anyone) home with me that night at your place..

jonathan//garret said...

hey, im only allowed to keep so many of them. the rest are open to any home that promises to be nice to them. cause they will tell me if you're not nice to them.

your trampoline philosophy astonishes me with its wisdom...