Title: There Is No Title

today was a weird day. started off great, like most of my days do. its just that darn second half that ruins things. but that's not what made things weird. no, it happened later. much later then school time. after school time. that's when it happened.

my scarf feels nice. it makes my neck warm. when i take it off my neck is too cold. so i never take it off. summer time will be fun. pants sweatshirts and scarves. no need for summer clothes. just a summer jacket for those colder nights.

for some reason i had the strange desire to be sullen less then two hour ago. i dont know why. it just sort of came out of nowhere. nice: i got some compliments on my milk things. tax. i dont even know what that has to do with milk anymore. everyone else seems to think up all sorts of awesome deep ideas right off the bat. me. i think of something that leads to something that leads to something else that finally gives me a decent idea. point for peters.

rain is not a good thing right now. how the heck am i going to survive saturday? i need sunshine! and that thought leads me to: teenage mutant ninja turtles!!! i always thought leonardo was the one in the red bandana. red seems like the leader colour. but he's actually in the blue bandana. can that seem quite right.

i mentioned x-men today again. and now its on my mind. gambit is my hero. i wrote that on my grade twelve yearbook form. from what I've seen this year's yearbook so far does not please me much. i wish i were still in that class. i think i would actually be confident enough now to make sure certain things didnt happen. like the same people three times on one page. bad. not good.

do you wish i had magic powers.

"I, I won't worry my life away!"


Madeleine said...

weird days are... weird
i hope some day you receive a homemade scarf from someone you love. my grandma used to knit for me and those are the best presents.
sullen... everyone should to experience the need to be sullen for no reason at least once in their life.
i hope it doesnt rain on saturday too. are you going to show us how to throttle turkeys or even how to pick them up?
i put you as the Most Unique guy

jonathan//garret said...

we only have a few rather large and grumpy turkeys remaining on the farm right now. alive that is. and i fear them, so there will be no throttling.
i put you as the most unique girl.

tarajoy said...

aw, thats cute guys. you both put eachother as most unique.tax. i loved it.your scarf feels nice cause it just is nice. 'do you wish i had magic powers' - thats an interesting question...

jonathan//garret said...

just dont ask me to explain it. all my "magical" thoughts tend to lose their "magic" when i have to explain them. it would be like tax all over again.

tarajoy said...

i understand. ill leave you with your secrets.