Music War

i was just facebooking. again. spew. but i've just managed to find an old friend of mine who i havent seen since i was in grade two at least. i also connected with at least five people who worked at mcdonalds with me. back when i had no self respect. sure hope none of them read this. then again, i put a link to this page on my facebook. curses, foiled again. next time gadget. next time!


okay, let's see if i can manage to make up a brand new game in the next few minutes. cannot stop to think for more than fifteen seconds consecutively. makes it more exciting ...

so here's what i've got. you start with someone who says a song. title only. then someone responds (i guess it will have to be played through responses) with the name of the artist. they also mention the genre. then someone else responds with another artist from that genre and gives a song from them. another individual then responds by naming the album from which the previous song came from (so no singles or eps or whatever the kids call them these days) and then names another album ... which has at least one word the same as the first album (if its simple language) or at least three of the same letters (if the album is something impossible like "Billy Talent II") . of course, no naming stuff that has been named before. ever.

from there, i guess someone can respond and name the artist of the album that was mentioned. or name a song of that album. or name the genre of that album. it does not matter. all that does matter is that after the responder names something, they name something else that is connected to that something that they first named. i have no idea how confusing this is going to turn out to be. but i kinda like it.

i think lyrics will be left out for now. save that for the sequel to music war: music war II. ha. guess the only thing left to do is to get this party started ...

"Especially In Michigan"

... GO!

"and they're watching us (watching us) as we all fly away..."


tarajoy said...

nickelback - hero _____________ (fill in whatever genre nickelback is...hehe) and yes i used the internet. or else i wouldnt be able to play..;)

jonathan//garret said...

Nickelback = Rock (of the alternative variety)

Another group of the alternative variety = Death Cab For Cutie.

Song = Marching Bands of Manhatten


darryl said...

album: Plans

other album sharing 3 of the letters: Play

artist: ??

darryl said...

by the way, "facebooking"?
you can't just make up verbs like that.
you just...can't.

dave said...

I facebooked your mother... in the facebook.

NOTE: I connected the seconds before this started.

Jon, you're creepy.


PLAY by the group PLAY.

another artist with PLAY in the title: Coldplay.

THIRD song from their SECOND album: ?

jonathan//garret said...

Hey now, let's not go hindering my free blogging spirit. I can make up whatever verbs I want. And I am not creepy...

THIRD song from coldplay's SECOND album: God Put A Smile Upon Your Face (A Rush of Blood to the Head)

Seven words in that song title. What's another song title with seven words???

darryl said...

Song: I Threw a Brick Through a Window

Arist: U2

Another band from Dublin?

The Other Guy said...

Another band from Dublin: Damien Rice.

A famous singe: Cannonball

Musician using that monicker?