when last i was at home (home home, not my new home)[1] the wireless internet that my family has had decided to no longer accept my computer as a full-time friend, only a part-time acquaintance.[2] by this, i mean that i could check my hotmail, but facebook refused to load. and youtube was a mess, while wikipedia was fine. and there was constant stalling, even more so then usual for a farm-based high-speed. and don't even get me started on trying to access this blog, or anyone else's for that matter. i was to the point that if i saw the OpenDNS page show up one more time, telling me that the site i asked for did not exist, and whether i meant to type headtrappedintheclouds.blogspot.com (which i already did), only to tell me that site did not exist either when clicking their link and ask me whether i wished to try the exact same link again, i was going to explode in a fiery ball of rage that could only be quelled by the death of my mactop in the cold winter snow...

but now i've got an early Christmas miracle, and the internet seems to have made a move towards reconciling with my computer, who was the bigger man throughout this drama, never calling anyone any names.[3] and what do i find? that every bloody person in my blogging circle has updated. honestly, i was gone for one day, what's all the hubbub about?

regardless, i feel like i should join in. hence the post, even though i really have nothing interesting to say at all. seems everyone else having something interesting to say has left me completely dry of material. which, of course, only fuels the feelings from before about this stupid blog.

HOWEVER, upon further analysis of my own condition, i have determined to try and fight off the depression and say something a little happier in this, my second to last post of 2008[4]. Even though I have no idea what to say...

I never realized how much I'm into symmetry.[5] Like, right now, I'm looking at this post so far, and I don't like how it starts with one big paragraph and then three smaller ones. It feels like it should be big paragraph/small paragraph/big paragraph, or something like that. Patterns are the way to go, as far as I'm concerned. Of course, the constant writer's block really throws a wrench in those plans. Looking at this post, I also realize that I don't want it to be this long when I have nothing of great importance to say. Nobody wants to read this much dribble. And even if by another early Christmas miracle they do, I don't really like the look of such a gigantic blob of white text sitting on my blog page. Too boring. For whatever reason, when I post off of my mac I have absolutely none of the creative options for spicing up the text that I might have on the household pc, i've no idea why.[6] buuut i'm getting whiny again. moving on...

I want to write at least one song this Christmas holiday. I think that is a reasonable goal in and amongst all the other chaos that will be going on. We'll see. Other than that though, I think I'll leave any other plans I might have in the dark. Makes it much easier for me when I fail at achieving them when nobody else knows about them. Oops, happening again...

One left. [7]

[1] I love my Guelph home so much more these days. I love living on my own. The house I grew up in no longer feels like a home to me. It feels like I'm just visiting, i'd feel about the same in any of your houses as I do right here, right now.
[2] I had realized this confrontation a lot earlier in reality. I think it has something to do with Snowflake growing accustomed to my new home internet and not being able to synch back up with the old internet when she comes back for a visit.
[3] Fingers crossed this miracle is here to stay. Otherwise I'm going to lose a lot of my connection with the outside world for a couple weeks. Going on the family computer just isn't the same, nor do I have near the amount of accessibility with it as I do with Snowflake.
[4] What's this? Could there be a 2009? Only time will tell, I'm still jumping drastically back and forth between the ideas of shutting this baby down and keeping her plugged in. I'm also tossing about the idea of a secret new blog though, or something waaay better...
[5] That last line was a complete lie. I love symmetry. I've known that for about forever now.
[6] Hence the reason I can't make these endnotes their proper superscript size. And why I'm going a little over kill on the bolding, one of the few options I'm given on this mac. I really need to learn me a bit of computer speech, get a little more techno savvy. Dave?
[7] See endnote #4...


Madeleine said...

my latest blog was about hitler... you are vastly more interesting than me even when you have nothing to say

rachel said...

just keep it going.
no secret blog.
i still can't believe you call your laptop by a name.
i see no bold.
aaand you want to be techno savvy?

haha the sad thing is i could totally see you doing that. that can be your new hobby. slash PASSION!

dried said...

it's easy enough to teach yourself html. there are a billion cheat sheets on the web, and the syntax is basic.

if that's what you're into.

and I agree, no secret blog...

and WRITE SOME MUSICS! I will do the same.

and I'm pretty sure that is his hobby already, rachel.

Anonymous said...

dammit. I cut my comment and then copied something else..margh.

There's definitely something weird about going back to the house you were raised in afer being away for school for so long... And then you move away and go "Ah yes, THIS is why I live three hours away"

Ironically enough my move here brought me closer to the other half of the family...cant win em all.

How do you like your mac? When I have enough money (read: next century) ye old Super!Bitch (old old old old family computer because they did not love me enough to buy me a new or semi new one or LAPTOP as requested at the time) needs replacing and I've been pondering a Mac.