At Least The Pattern Survived

well, this is it. the end of another year. there were so many posts I wanted to post, and now i'm out of time...

i'll just have to leave you all with this i suppose


tim burton and coheed and cambria joining forces?!?! definitely one of the things i'll be looking forward to most in the coming year.

and i'll see y'all next year...


dried said...

I didn't like how they skewered the music for the trailer, but if they use other tunes from coheed, it could be sweet

and we will see you next year!

ps how's your school hunt going?

abpheonix said...

wow what can I do but thank you for this. how did you find this. gah!! this looks so frikin immaculate!! damn you for getting my hopes up for something amazing that's not till September!!

dan said...

looks pretty bitchin.

it also looks like a video game