Same Shit, Different Year

I can categorize post-secondary education students (not narrowing my perspective to just University) into two groups.

1) Those following their dreams, taking courses they enjoy, dealing with what is often a huge workload but loving every part of it, in particular the lack of angst they feel over doing something they don't enjoy. They may or may not have difficulty in the future finding stable jobs, but they don't care, because at the very least they are happy.

2) Those studying something that may not be something they love, but they know that they will have stable lives in the future with secure jobs. They may not be enjoying school all the time, the workload may often be too much to handle, but they get through it because they have clear goals set in place that they know are achievable. They work hard to produce the skills that they know will get them places in the future. And because of this, they often still have plenty of fun. After all, what's a few grade points now when you'll be financial well off and happy in the future?

I do not love English. That much I have always known. Nor do I have the skills it takes to make English into a successful, stable career as, what?, a teacher? There is no other option with English for me. Which brings me back to the question I keep asking myself: Why am I here???

I HAVE to find out an answer to that question. And not just in a year's time. In a year's time, I will have potentially (most likely?) wasted two full years of my life going down a path I can't see myself following. I need to figure out what I'm doing in the next few months. Before the end of the semester maximum...


dried said...

Jon, every second of english makes me want to bleed, so at least know you're not alone in the actual taking-of-class-pains. BUT you should find a major you love love love love, if you're in the arts. If you're going to end up teaching anyways, why not THEATREMAJOR? Might as well teach something you love, and if you want, scrape up an english minor while you're at it, I think it's a common pairing. If you're looking for something more "occupational", psych is at least interesting.

Madeleine said...

no other option??

-journalism which includes editing of.. magazines/newspapers
-book editor
-management positions in trendy businesses. non-trendy ones too..
-are you interested in law or politics?
-book buying for a bookstore. :D
-community worker

i am completely able to sympathize about the hating what you're doing.. i had that last year at public school for awhile.. it was horrible. it made me realize just how much i wanted to go to td on a daily basis.. and how much i enjoyed it. ah well.
but the thing i was thinking about you is.. in this day it doesn't really matter what your undergrad program is. i don't think. most people need to specialize in something afterwards anyways. so yeah. if worrying about your future career is holding you back from making a decision.. i think it might be best to forget about careers right now.

was that too preachy? i've noticed i have started to get really preachy around people. its horrible. i hate sounding pretentious

brent said...

you know you could always go back to the thing you told me you wanted to do when we were kids
if you don't remember what that is, talk to me
anothing thing..look at your art skills man