Personal Reminder

I have to get out of here. It's not me. Not in the slightest. I need to get out of English, take something else entirely? Art? History is pretty interesting, but could I handle the workload? Maybe a business degree? Just not English. And not Guelph.

This is just a personal reminder. So that on those days when I come back from class brainwashed by a good day into thinking that this could work, I will remember that it can't.


dried said...

Guelph will miss you if you leave.

but seriously, why not guelph?

Madeleine said...

new brunswick?
my mums cousin teaches the classics at the mount allison. beautiful place

Anonymous said...

Bud, if you think English is boring (which it isn't for me, at the moment), just think what business would be like. Do you really want to go back to Calculus? History's pretty sweet, though.


rachel said...

um, how about NOT new brunswick.