August Deadline

Ugh, I need to be writing right now. But it's just so hard to do when I need to do it the most. For a couple days I had a good pattern going; write for an hour before going to sleep, finish nearly two pages every night. But that was back when I had no "distractions" around or about; nothing to do but work on my future.

Everybody, yell at me! I have exactly 10 days before my future is decided for me simply by my lack of enthusiasm...


dried said...

Write me an epic story we can put music to!

Madeleine said...

hey that is a good idea
i think you should write two fantastic stories. one for me and one for dave. and we will put music to them. ahhhhh good plan.
go work.

oh and can you yell at me too? i need to practice practice and focus. gaaaah