One More Heart To Break

Time's up!

Nothing to see here, folks. But maybe in the near future something wonderful will begin to happen. Something musical. Something collaboration-al. Something within the family. Something involving the family.

Not getting the picture? Think Chevelle...

"After all, what's the point, cause levitation is possible..."

Two more months to go. But I'm starting to enjoy this time, so there's no rush.

Currently making a new "Play Softly" playlist. Only 20 songs, because that's all that fits on compact disc these days. How do you make MP3 discs? Whatever. The challenge is what I live for. It can't just be what she's heard, there has to be new stuff too. Bigger and better. Or at least just better...

Cheerio! (Six weeks = 4% cholesterol decrease...)


dried said...

mp3 discs are just data cds with mp3s on them I think. jer would know.

...so you're starting a band with your family?

brent said...

i would love to help with the collaboration.
if you're up for it, you know where to find me.

and wow, i'm surprised that cheerios actually did what they've been saying for decades.

Ben said...

do you not stay on one subject for more that a minute?

Jessica said...

Yay, I like that you're so happy. Dave is entirely right, just burn a data disc. You can fit like.... 200 songs on them.

Yay, Cheerios!