Hermits And Hermit Crabs

we have successfully taken this over from those who ran it previously. we are officially the post-masters now. here's to us, ladies and gentlemen. here's to the future.

things i have yet to accomplish this summer: write a short story by august, 8-10 pages long for application to creative writing course next year. make significant progress to "novel" that everybody at the CWS wants to read so much. finish AT LEAST one song, AT LEAST. paint, draw, sketch, sculpt, and all other arty things. finish Duplicity. start and finish comedic shorts avec Daniel.

what do you do when life has got you down? it's not so easy when you're told that you can always do the things you enjoy in your spare time, but then you end up too tired from the things you have to do first to actually use your spare time for anything productive. that is why my list is still so long. that is why next month, when i look back at this list, it will probably be the exact same length as it is right now.

this is a message for the me in the future: get your act together.
this is a message from the me in the future: it can't be done. you'll understand soon enough...

flashlights in the bedroom** is an excellent source for motivation. maybe i can pull something together with it's help. maybe it will be something i like better. my ring finger is short one ring. i'll have to get that back in the near future; im actually catching myself fiddling with my ring finger like there's still a ring on it.

* * * * *

it's 2:02, and i should be asleep. but i know that you didn't come here for my self-loathing. you came to see the human circus. it's kind of like a flea circus, except it's just me. and it's not a huge scam. i used to have collection of cartoon insects, one of whom was named "da flea". he was based on "the cheat" from homestarrunner famedom.

fame? or fortune? i'm pretty sure fame equals fortune in most cases, unless it is infamy. but looking at it now, i'm starting to think i'd rather take the fortune and just live a quiet, peaceful life somewhere far, far away. like Australia. i'll support you now, you can support me in Australia? we'll make t-shirts together and live a peaceful little existence. fair trade?

at work we have "rainforest aware" coffee, which always reminds me of fair trade coffee. it has a little, green poison-arrow frog as it's symbol. how did the poison-arrow frog become the mascot of the rainforest? what about the piranha? or the tapir? actually, the jaguar would probably be the best choice...

i don't know a lot about cars. if i were to actually get a car right now, i wouldn't have a clue what to get. probably the cheapest one. but as far as looks go, i know diddly-squat. as far as style goes, i'm living about twenty years behind. it's all about the retro. super nintendo games still blow the new systems out of the water. why do you think they can sell single game cartridges for over one hundred dollars???

i haven't been swimming in probably close to a year now. i think i'm forgetting how. i never got past the fourth badge. my mom used to sew them onto my mickey mouse towel, up in the upper left-hand corner. classic mickey mouse, like the original drawn by walt disney. steamboat willy-era. one time at swimming lessons i saw a kid who had the exact same towel. with badges sewn in his upper left-hand corner. he was about five lessons ahead of me. i wanted that lime green badge really bad. i don't think i ever had coke with lime. great commercial song though. cherry coke was amazing. i remember the commercial with the man riding the ostrich through the grocery store, making a awful mess. i also remember sitting in a tent with my cousin in his backyard; drinking cherry coke and listening to the water-buffalo song.

another proof of my deprivation of a childhood: i didn't watch/know anything about VeggieTales until grade four.


Madeleine said...

don't worry, we didn't have a tv until i was 10.

is your rainforest friendly coffee fair trade as well? does it have the black and white fair trade symbol?

--kathleen... said...

those who ran it previously? meaning?

i pride myself in blogging before anybody here touched the thing. although you can't tell it from my blog, i've switched blogs too many times for that. i started blogging in 2003...

i'm just being childish and stupid. of course you took it over. and of course, you're succeeding.

p.s. you really should swim. i love swimming.

--kathleen... said...

oh and i'm forgetting the people who, like me, switched from blog to blog. but at least i consistently blogged for about four and a bit years now...

dried said...


SARTRE says you are nothing but what you've done, and potential doesn't define a person.

but we all know what happened to sartre: he died. so don't go into philosophy, you'll end up dead.

Madeleine said...

i don't come here for a human circus.