Post Post 40

"I'm out of time and all I got is four minutes [freaky freaky] four minutes - Hey!"

Chapter 1 in my saga is complete. Now I have to survive the subplot. It's kind of like the fan fiction people write about movie characters during the in-between between movies about those characters.

And you know how those characters are so far too often portrayed by different actors? Or given a huge style change so that you hardly recognize them? That's what I want my character to have. I want to revamp my style this summer. Or, at the very least, revamp it in September when I head back to school. Crazy Thought: During my haircut yesterday a piece of hair stuck itself to my ear and I came to the conclusion that I would look good with an earring.

"If you want it you already got it. If you thought it it better be what you want" -- new favourite song. I've listened to it over twenty times in just a couple of hours, and haven't grown tired of it in the slightest yet.

And while on the topic of songs... one day till "The Grace", "Always", "Black Is The Colour Of My True Love's Heart", "Ending Of A Story"... you get the idea...

Room revamping. I don't want to live at home anymore. Mostly because I have the tiniest room imaginable. It seems everybody I know has at least a queen sized bed - all I've ever known is a single that no longer fits me. Five months from now could not be much farther away. Unless it was six months...

"Time is waiting. We only got four minutes to save the world! No hesitating. Grab a boy and grab a girl!"


rachel said...

i keep getting that song stuck in my head.
and i've also never known more than a single, and a tiny room, but i actually have no problem with a single bed. but yes i also remember that you are twice the size of me.

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