I just realized I was alive back when the only flavour of Doritos was regular/cheesy. Then came Extra Cheddar-y flavoured Doritos. Followed by Cool Ranch, which in turn was followed by Jalapeno and Cheddar.

It was the Jalepeno and Cheddar that broke open the flavour dam. Seems like suddenly I walk down the snack aisle and there is all manner of BBQ, Spicy, Cheesy Pepper, and Curry flavoured Doritos.

I miss the simpler times. And Doritos 3-D. Remember those? I do.

Also, I remember when Garfield had his own brand of corn chip. If my taste memory isn't flawed, I would recall that they were better than Doritos.


rachel said...

mm, now i want some cool ranch doritos.

dried said...

3D were stellar.
but kinda dry.

Madeleine said...

i've given up junk food for lent.
curse you, jonathan, curse you!

brent said...

ah yes, i do remember the garfield chips
they were quite good..i do miss them so..