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Great Big Sea - When I'm Up (I Can't Get Down)

The red panda. I just remembered that animal, cause I saw a glimpse of one. On blogger of course. Not actually in real life. If I recall correctly, they live in ... India. Yeah, think that's right. They have faces that look like raccoons, and raccoon tails, but they are the relatives of pandas. They live in the trees, the panda's eat the trees. Though by trees I mean bamboo. Which is not a tree. Red pandas were one of my favourite rare animals that I would never see in real life. Can't remember if I saw one in a zoo once...

Flogging Molly - Seven Deadly Sins


rachel said...

that... was so random.

i've seen red pandas at the zoo.

jonathan//garret said...

thank you. i didnt seem to get many comments when i tried to be deep and confusing, so i went back to being just plain old confusing.

i want to think that i've seen red pandas. but i cant remember for certain. i wish i had one. their like cats, but better.