Incomplete Understanding

Well, here we are. The next step in this crazy roller coaster ride. I can remember the path that lead to here. But now the path is so jumbled, I don't know where to go next. Sometimes I wish that life would just slow down a little bit. But instead we're flying full-speed down this next huge hill. Seatbelts everyone. Here we go again.

My mind likes to run free. But my inner mind likes to stay put. Conflict is inevitable.

What am I writing about? I'm not even sure anymore. Laptop keyboards are not very easy to type with. But the lack of mouses are worse. But they are so light weight and carry-able.

I think it's about time to use my new English books to aid me in some personal projects. Sonnets are good. Good for personal projects. Some people say that I'm very good at being vague. I think I believe it now.

Time to work out. Only and hour and a half late. Ah well. Better late then never.

"The future is quite different from the present."

"Yes, especially what with there being no stairs."


rachel said...

laptops are hard to type on?
i think you need smaller hands; i have no problems with it.

p.s. i think a get-together should occur in the relatively near future. even if that means trekking to some uni or another. agreed?

rachel said...

...and... i want to see some of these englishy writing skills. the only english in my life right now is the most basic crap you could imagine. you'd be ashamed for me if you knew. ah well, i've got my art.

jonathan//garret said...

well, technically, i havent learned many new englshy skills yet. but im getting lots of new ideas that i dont have the time or will power to work on. so thats a start.

rachel said...

not to late to come join me on the art side!

jonathan//garret said...

we'll see...

brent said...

you better get those english skills going man!

i wish life would slow down too. when i read this i was like.."is this gonna be me in a year, in the same situation?" probably, but i guess i'll have to wait and find out.

here we go again - paramore
check it out!