The Aughts

A new year in one hour; we're about to move from single digit 2000's to double digits. The twenty-teens are upon us. This is my second full decade of life, a pretty large span of time full of major events. And since reminiscing  seems to be floating rather heavily through the air right now, I said to myself "Why not me too?". One last hurrah for the 2000's...

During the span of 2000 - 2009, I:

  • finished all of grade school, high school, two years of university, and half year of college
  • wanted to be a computer animator, then a writer/actor/film-maker, then just a writer, then anything that wasn't in English, then a graphic designer
  • was quiet, shy, and introverted with a small circle of friends, then became more loud, outgoing, and confident with a much wider circle of friends 
  • found love, lost it, found it again (except better)
  • tasted alcohol and fully experienced all of it's effects, both positive and negative
  • stopped all yearly camping trips to pick up a whole set of new ones several years later
  • went from listening to just boy band pop (Backstreet Boys) to listening to almost anything AND boy band pop (Backstreet Boys)
  • had no videogame systems to having five
  • have lived in three different houses with different sets of roommates asides from the house that my family lives in
  • travelled to the other side of the world
  • and so many other things

In this coming year I will be turning 21 - it's weird to think about just how many years have gone by. This past decade has been a ridiculous roller coaster ride of ups and downs; high points and lows. Sometimes I wonder if my 10 year-old self would recognize me now. If he did, I think 10 year-old Jonathan would be pretty impressed with the turn out.

Good on me, me.


dried said...

I don't think you've experienced ALL the negative effects of alcohol until you've been in the hospital with your liver on an IV.

and hoorah for the move from just boy bands to everything and boy bands. though, I wouldn't mind seeing less boy bands on there.

Jessica said...

Nope. Boybands are key. They can dance AND harmonize!

rachel said...

ugh. boybands.