Hardy Har Har

So, now that my "summer" is almost 4/5 over, what have I been doing with my time? You know, since nobody sees or hears much word from me?

In a word. Working. Followed by another word. Nothing.

Most days after I finish work between 6:15 and 6:45 are then followed with a ten to fifteen minute shower and a forty-five minute dinner with the fam. Not that I'm complaining, the family time is nice and it's nice to feel like a part of the family again. But then it's usually almost 8:00 and i have between two and three hours to do something else before I start thinking about sleeping. You have no idea how long i've wanted to play Majora's Mask. I'm still waiting for that opportune moment...

One thing that I have taken up, unfortunately for my lack of free time, is webcomics. You can blame Least I Could Do's crossover event - ima sucker for crossover events. Suffice to say that I now religiously read...

Least I Could Do
Girls With Slingshots
Questionable Content
Penny Arcade
Player Vs Player

While still regularly checking

White Ninja Comics
VGCats (mostly for the Super Effective which is never updated. Ass)

I'm also looking forward to this one's return.

Butternut Squash

Entirely Nico's fault.

So now all of you can be trapped in the horrible vortex that I am. Can't wait for school and more free time. Although I'll probably just find more ways to waste it. Ugh.

In an unrelated, but mostly related, note, I have decided that it would be terrible to live in a webcomic. Or any serialized comic for that matter, although I stopped reading them the day we stopped getting newspapers. To be constantly trapped in a world where even the most deep and dark moments of your existence are forcibly made into jokes. If those characters were real, they would have killed themselves ages ago. Hence their immortality in comic form.

Just getting constantly pumped for the funny.

note from rachel: jon writes blogs like english essays. and is embarrassingly nerdy. also, apparently any time spent with me is equal to NOTHING.


dan said...

i was reading gws for a while, then i stopped. damn you, now i have to catch up

rachel said...

unrelated: your blog info music looks in need of an update. at least from what i hear you listening to.

abpheonix said...

...and then I bought the horse a prostitute. :P

Darryl said...

Cyanide and Happiness is another good one. You think other webcomics are depressing?

rachel said...

hehe i love cyanide and happiness.
although i do not read it religiously as you guys do with webcomics.