Mandatory Post

I have a kind-of chronic fear of manholes. At least the grate-style ones with big open holes.

It's not that I'm afraid of falling through them or anything. I'm just scared that something on my person will fall through the grate and I'll lose it in the sewers. Ipod, cellphone, house keys, etc etc etc.

My fear hasn't developed to the point where I avoid all manholes in the street. But I still grip everything I'm holding or that's in my pockets really tightly when I walk over them.


Yeah, I've got nothing better to talk about right now.

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dried said...

I sympathize with that fear. we can't let it rule over us entirely!

also, when I grab my keys and stuff, I get afraid that I'll accidentally knock something out of my pocket and lose it, so I take a tally too. I lost one of those wicked pens with like three-five different colours in gradeschool 'cause it just fell out of my pocket like that, I was devastated.