You know what I don't get? Soap. We lather it up, cover our bodies in it, then just let it rinse off. And we all assume that we are now clean. What makes soap capable of this? Sure, it can make dirt come off. But what about all those invisible bacteria, germs, viruses? They're are the real dirty things. Dirt is actually really clean. So how can letting bubbles sit on your skin for a couple seconds possible get rid of them?

Mmmm...Anberlin. Such an awesome voice. Gotta get some more. And Slender Means. And Roz Bell.


The Other Guy said...

Soap is melted cow ass.

And I have Anberlin cds you can borrow... in exchange for the new coheed, of course.

And Jordan is my cousin.

Madeleine said...

i recently watched a movie where the main guy made soap from human fat.. ever since i've speculated as to what exactly it is i'm rubbing on myself.

jonathan//garret said...


soap is gross. but i am a slave to it.

rachel said...

jon! i'm commenting! look at me commenting!

and always remember, as one wise farmer once said...
showers are just something invented by the institution to keep us from rebelling. and having sleek hair.

...or something like that.

rachel said...

farmer-in-training, that is.

jonathan//garret said...

yay! comments! now i know people still care!!!

whoever said that saying must have been the most intelligent, suave, debonaire, amazing individual to ever walk the planet or write a blog about soap.

have a said too much?

abpheonix said...