Thank You Letter "P"

another day. another blog. another new idea for a pointless game that can be played over blogs. this one is brought to you by algonquin campsites. and the letter "P".

Jonathan's Top 5 Favourite Coheed & Cambria Songs
(With 1 Being the Highest)
5. see, this is the game
4. now you have to guess them
3. place whatever guesses you want in whatever spots you want
2. i'll tell you what's right and give helpful hints
1. then you can guess again (if you still care by then)
Jonathan's Top 5 Favourite "Nightmare Before Christmas" Characters
(With 1 Once Again Being the Highest)
5. same idea here
4. obviously
3. except this time "everyone" doesnt count
2. though i do love everyone in this movie
1. some just a little more than others

in other news ... what do people write about in a blog?

"man your own jackhammers, man your battlestations" (Hint #5)


jonathan//garret said...

5. In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth:3
4. Once Upon Your Dead Body
3. Apollo 1: The Writing Writer
2. Welcome Home
1. Delirium Trigger

5. Zero
4. The Guy With the Axe in His Head
3. The Mayor
2. Lock, Shock & Barrel
1. Jack Skellington!!!

jonathan//garret said...


you got them all perfect! on the first try! without any hints or anything! how'd you do that?

jonathan//garret said...

i'm just that good.

rachel said...

IGNORE the voices jon.

jonathan//garret said...

but their voices are so soothing...

andy said...

yeah... didn't get a chance.