This One's For You...

The previous message could not be delivered to all the recipients:

*I laughed at that*
go ahead go buy it
I love the missing piece
You're both. A nut is cute
starting out the new year with sfresorcim
My computer beat me at chess, but I beat it at kick-boxing
didnt have a camera by my side this time
RED BANDANA!. take that bmw!
Forever isolation
Stunt doubles have all the fun
sera, sera
Hold you in my arms, I just wanted to hold you in my arms
started with forgetting the lipstick
[Trapped In Neverland]
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tarajoy said...

i forgot about the *i laughed at that*. *i laughed at the *i laughed at that!** hehehe.
o man.

Fedd-X said...

*i laughed at that* is definitely one of the great things to come from msn. same with the word of the day! today's word: eloquent...